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neotel fibre

Grow Your Business Fast With Uncapped & Unshaped NeoBroadband Fibre Internet

Flexible business grade fibre internet with limited contention

Neobroadband fibre

High speed internet delivered over fibre or microwave

Get Access Straight Onto Liquid Telecom's Fibre Backbone With No Congestion And Very Low Latency

Symmetrical Fibre

Truly uncapped and unshaped internet service giving you complete control

Maximum 10:1 contention ratio means a high quality of service

Uncapped & Unshaped

unshaped and uncapped fibre
Neobroadband fibre
Neo internet
neobroadband wireless fibre

Low Contention

Liquid Telecom's global tier 1 network provides high availability and up time

Superior Network

Upload and download speeds are equally fast for stable voice and video

Neobroadband fibre
Neobroadband fibre
telkom fibre

Now available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, PE, Bloemfontein and Durban

Select The Right Neobroadband Fibre Package Based On Your Data Needs

NeoBroadband fibre prices exclude VAT and are valid until

the 31st of December 2017

neotel coverage


+ Low latency

NeoBroadband Fibre

NeoBroadband Fibre


R17000pm x 24


+ 5 static public IP adresses per service

R1600pm x 24

Softcap 1500GB


Softcap 30000GB

NeoBroadband Fibre


R33000pm x 24


+ True uncapped internet subject to fair usage policy*

R3050pm x 24

* Softcap usage policy: Upon reaching your soft cap limit for the month, your line speed will be halved for the remainder of the month. Your connection will remain uncapped and unshaped for this period.

Best Seller

NeoBroadband package features:

Softcap 3000GB


R13000pm x 24

NeoBroadband Fibre




NeoBroadband Fibre

R4900pm x 24

Softcap 50000GB

Softcap 7500GB


NeoBroadband Fibre


Softcap 100000GB


+ Low 10:1 contention ratio

+ Unshaped service puts you in control

NeoBroadband Fibre

+ 24 month agreement

R7900pm x 24

Softcap 15000GB

neotel fibre

12 Voice Channels @ R500pm

Add-On Voice Lines For A Truly Converged Solution

24 Voice Channels @ R800pm

Save money, clean up your voice infrastructure and simplify billing

36 Voice Channels @ R1300pm

  • Port your number to the Liquid Telecom network
  • True per second billing on all calls
  • No minimum call charge
  • Low local, cellular and international call rates
  • 086 numbers available
  • Cancel all your old analogue lines

IS SMTP relay offered?

Yes, if a NAT solution is required, only 1 public IP address will be made available. For non- NAT solutions 5 static public IP addresses will be allocated.

How long does installation take?

How is the NeoBroadband delivered?

What hardware is included?

The service is delivered last mile to the customer premises via fibre or microwave. The quality of the service remains the same regardless of the last mile termination technique. The backhaul is on Liquid Telecom's Tier 1 fibre network in all cases.

Can Liquid Telecom supply a NAT solution?

Frequently Asked Questions

No SMTP relay is offered with the NeoBroadband service. The client or the client's email provider will need to provide the SMTP relay.

Can I boost my speed as needed?

Liquid Telecom will supply a CPE (customer premises equipment - Either Billion, Cisco or One Access Router Etc. – depending on the installation) as well as an external antennae if the last mile connectivity to the client’s premises is Microwave. The CPE is a Liquid Telecom device and its up to the client to connect the router to the customers LAN.

Booster services are available to customers who need to increase their speed at certain times of the month. The service is dependent on the last mile technology used and CPE range.

If Liquid Telecom fibre is in your building installation can be between 10-14 working days. In other cases where wayleave approval is required from the council, the installation is estimated at 45 working days so get your order in early.

Gavin Paris

What Clients Say

Ryan Bacher

"I was sick of all the problems that came with ADSL so I upgraded to NeoBroadband Fibre and now my internet is stable and really fast"

Founder & MD, Netflorist

"Liquid Telecom's service delivery is world-class and I’m totally satisfied that we switched to Liquid Telecom. I know our customers are too.”

Financial Director, E-boil Systems

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neotel coverage

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